January 5th, 2003

    This is the most stable release so far. There probably won't be many updates at all for awhile, until I either get some more time, or I get some where (progress) on deIRC (which is my IRC client). If you have any questions, make sure you visit the project's homepage or drop me a line at mephisto@stormfyre.net, thanks!

December 19th, 2002

    The latest release of deStats. This release includes an all new updated configuration file parser/processor. It should be faster, and less complicated, seeing now as the configuration file can have as many lines as you want (and "invalid directives" are totally ignored anyways). New nickname system isn't finished yet, but the "aliases" function's been temporarily disabled to save more room for more structure elements via nicks[], and the length that a quote can be defined in the NickInfo structure was chopped to the defined MAXQUOTELEN instead of MAXLINELEN to save memory.

December 6th, 2002

    deStats v1.4.5 is probably the last release for quite awhile. I fixed a lot of misc. bugs that were found by a couple of people. It is relatively stable, I know however, that if you are processing a logfile that is REALLY big and there are like, way too many nicks (1500+), C's static array limit is ... well limited. Thus, I'm working on a dynamic nick array/structure system to allow for faster processing, and MORE processing. Thanks for using, isg/deStats!

What is deStats/(ISG)?

    deStats, also known as isg (IRC Stats Generator) is a powerful stats generator created in C. This program takes a log file and turns it into detailed information about the channel and it's users. You can see a preview of it here. Try it out for yourself, we are sure you will enjoy it.


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